CCHS Class Reunion

Seniors of 1956
May 6, 2006
The 50th anniversary of the graduation from Cole Camp High School in 1956 was held on May 6, 2006 at Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries south of Cole Camp. There were many that attended with their spouses or friends to visit and enjoy the day reminising. These are some of the pictures that were taken during the day. If you click on any picture, you will get a full size of that picture.

I have attempted to identify who are in the photographs, but may have missed some or gotten others wrong - if so, let me know and I will correct it. You can contact me via email at


Patricia (Haase) Beckman and Delbert Holtzen
Reception Desk

(Seated) Shirley (Crocker) Bean, Jerry Bean, Sharon Stelling, Bonnie Bohling, Eugene Beckman

Mary Ann (Fick) McMurdo

Vernon Stelling (Standing)

(Seated, front to left) Eugene Beckman, Onnie Hessefort, Delores (Brauer) Shireman, Mary Ann McMurdo, Alberta Miller, Billy Miller, Shirley Crocker

Shirley (Crocker) Bean, Vernon Stelling, Donna (Apsher) Sample, George Sample, Jerry Bean, Vernon Holtzen

Vernon Stelling, Vern Dean Bohling, Violet (Viebrock) O'Keefe, Mike O'Keefe, Jerry Bean

Delbert Holtzen, Master of Ceramonies

Vernon Stelling, Class President

Eugene Beckman, Local Entertainer

Vern Dean Bohling, Story Telling

Vernon Stelling, More Stories

Class of '56, left to right, front to rear
Mary Lou (Zimmershied) Creek, Shirley (Crocker) Bean
Patricia (Haase) Beckman, Violet (Viebrock) O'Keefe, Donna (Apsher) Sample, Betty (Chmelir) Smasal, Mary (Knoch) Harms, Delores (Brauer) Shireman
Ed Weller, Delbert Holtzen, Billy Miller, Leonard Creek, Walter Ehlers, George Beason, Mary Ann (Fick) McMurdo
Vern Dean Bohling, Vernon Stelling, Arnold Hessefort, Arlie Knox, Melvin Schnakenberg, Vernon Holtzen, Arthur Heimsoth

Another photo of the Class of '56

Class of '56 with Robert Kullman (standing) and Virginia Kuhlman (seated in front)

Class of '56 with Spouse/Friend #1
Delores/Billy Miller, Bonnie/Vern Dean Bohling, Donna/George Sample, Elvera/Melvin Schnakenberg, Gerry/Arthur Heimsoth, Verna/Walt Ehlers, Ruth/Eddie Weller, Virgina/Robert Kullman

Another photo with Spouse/Friend #1

Class of '56 with Spouse/Friend #2
Onnie/Arnold Hessefort, Shirley/Vernon Stelling, Shirley/Jerry Bean, Mary Lou/Leonard Creek, Violet/Mike O'Keefe, Mr/Mrs George Beeson, Patricia/Eugene Beckman, Mary Harms, Betty Smasal, Delores Shireman, Mary Ann McMurdo, Luella/Delbert Holtzen, Virginia/Robert Kullman

Another photo with Spouse/Friend #2

Presenting the Memorial

Honors to the organizers

Patricia Beckman, Luella Holtzen, Delbert Holtzen, Vernon Stelling

Reenactment of Senior Class Play Photo

The following is a summary of the day's activity and who participated.

With "Not at the top but climbing" as our motto and pink roses everywhere classmates and spouses of the graduating class of 1956 of Cole Camp High School met at Heit's Point Lutheran Ministries in the Spitz Center on Saturday, May 6th, 2006, for our 50th reunion. There were 39 persons in attendance.

Registration began at 10 a.m. Classmate Arthur Heimsoth made nametags with the picture of the class member and also nametags for the spouses of the classmates. A flower arrangement of pink roses greeted the attendees. As they registered they received not only their nametags, but also their program for the day as well as a copy of the 1956 Graduation Program. After registration time was spent gathering together, visiting, and reminiscing.

At 11 a.m. we were greeted and welcomed by Vernon Stelling, our class president. Delbert Holtzen, acting as Master of Ceremonies, introduced Eugene Beckman (spouse of Patricia Haase Beckman) who entertained us with his guitar and singing songs he had written.

Some memories were shared of school days, some embellished, some maybe not all true. Delbert shared more stories and then it was time to eat. The Heit's Point staff served a delicious lunch with more time for visiting. At each place setting was a flowerpot containing a pink rose (our class flower) and a charcoal ribbon tied on it (our class colors were pink and charcoal). Luella Holtzen (spouse of Delbert Holtzen) made the flowerpots and the floral arrangement for the registration table.

Time was spent after lunch for many pictures to be taken. Arthur Heimsoth acted as class photographer. Vern Dean Bohling gave a memorial tribute to those who have already made it to the top of the ladder and are now in the arms of our Heavenly Father. They are Sandra Bohling Creek, Sharon Boeschen, Elvin Case, James Harms, Shirley Hessefort Ives, Susie Gardner Pottorff, JoAnn Schnakenberg Lumpee, Carole Freund Tuttle, and James Young.

Bonnie Bohling and Jerry Bean won the door prizes. More stories were told, more visiting, and much laughter was heard.

There was a short business meeting held to discuss contributing money to the memorial fund so memorials can be given as needed. This was approved and the account will be held at The Citizens-Farmers Bank with Vernon Stelling and Patricia Beckman in charge of this account.

Graduates were reminded to mark their calendar for September 9th, as our class will be riding through the Cole Camp Fair parade on that night. Also 2010 will be the next all-school reunion and it would be great to have everyone present for this.

We dismissed by singing the school song. And then there was time for hugs and hoping to see everyone in 2010.

The following classmates were present: Shirley (Crocker) Bean, Patricia (Haase) Beckman, George Beeson, Vern Dean Bohling, Leonard Creek, Mary Lou (Zimmerschied) Creek, Walter Ehlers, Mary (Knoch) Harms, Arthur Heimsoth, Arnold Hessefort, Delbert Holtzen, Vernon Holtzen, Arlie Knox, Mary Ann (Fick) McMurdo, Billy Miller, Violet (Viebrock) O'Keefe, Donna (Apsher) Sample, Melvin Schnakenberg, Delores (Brauer) Shireman, Betty (Chemlir) Smasal, Vernon Stelling, and Edward Weller.

Special guests were Robert and Virginia Kullman. Robert was Vo-Ag instructor during the time this class was in high school.

The memorial tribute that was read during the reunion read as:


Today at our 50th year class reunion we are celebrating our graduation from Cole Camp high school in May of 1956. It is great to celebrate but we also recognize that some of our classmates are no longer with us.

Looking at our class motto "NOT AT THE TOP BUT CLIMBING" these classmates have stopped climbing and are at the top. Our Lord and Savior has called them to their reward at the top of the ladder. We can rest assured because of their faith they are celebrating with us today in a greater and more joyous occasion.

We recognize the following classmates who are now resting in peace:

Sharon Boeschen
Elvin Case
Sandra Bohling Creek
James Harms
Shirley Hesseford Ives
Susie Gardner Pottorff
Joan Schnakenberg Lumpe
Carole Freund Tuttle
James Young

As these classmates have been sent ahead to their eternal reward we remain here on earth to continue our climb and serve our Lord and Maker till the time he calls us home. Remember we are climbing but not alone. He is climbing with us Thanks be to God who has given us life and our classmates and friends.