2003 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 4,5 & 6, 2003

Destination: Fun in 2003

These pictures are some that were taken during the 2003 Cole Camp Fair that did not fit into any of the other categories. Most are just shots of people at the fair, visiting or enjoying the fair. Those of the people in wheel chairs are from the Good Samaritan Care Center while they were waiting for parts of the parade to pass by their facility. Being handicap, they often miss part of the fair that they have grown to enjoy over the past many years of being in the Cole Camp area. A special effort is made each year for parts of the parade to pass by their facility so they also can enjoy the floats and bands.

A sampling of these pictures are on this page, but if you want to see all that I have, please click on more people.

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Sep 4 2003
6:33:52 pm
Sep 4 2003
8:02:13 pm
Sep 4 2003
8:36:02 pm
Sep 6 2003
8:07:00 pm
Sep 6 2003
9:37:20 pm
Sep 6 2003
12:37:20 pm

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