2003 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 4,5 & 6, 2003

Destination: Fun in 2003

The 2003 Cole Camp Fair had a couple of more floats this year than in some of the past years. If you were at this fair, or have ever been at "the" fair, you know how remarkable these floats are and that there have been hundreds of hours expended in making each one of them. If you have never seen one of the Cole Camp Fair parades, you have really missed some remarkable workmanship. The 2003 fair theme was "Destination: Fun in 2003" and several of the floats showed a theme of having fun. These pictures are here for you to enjoy and admire the craftmanship of the local residents in the making of a great fair with these floats. Thanks to all that contributed in your time, supplies, equipment, or ideas. We appreciate all you do!

Each parade was led by the color guard from the American Legion Post 305 of Cole Camp, and the playing of the National Anthem. Dr. Gonzales, a long time community doctor, was the Grand Marshall for the parades.

A small sampling of the floats appear here, for more pictures of the floats, click on all floats.

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Sep 5 2003
7:23:33 pm
American Legion Post 305
Sep 6 2003
7:44:00 pm
Whiteman AFB Colors
Sep 4 2003
7:38:38 pm
Dr. Gonzales, Grand Marshal

Time For Fun
This years float entry by St. Paul's Evangical Lutheran Church is entitled "Time For Fun". There are many signs in our life - we see them every day. They remind us of many things, we at work and play. We are reminded of a happy carefree time as we see the carousel. And of course, the happy jolly clown makes us smile and laugh as well. So grab yourself some pop corn and a snow cone or two, Sit down, and relax as you watch the parade go through. St. Paul's Evangical Lutheran Church want to welcome everyone to this wonderful "Jamboree" and hope you have a wonderful time at "Destination: Fun in 2003". St. Paul's would like to thank W.K. Chevrolet for the use of their vehicle.
Sep 4 2003
6:29:18 pm
Grand Prize Winner

Lutheran School Association Partners in Education
Look out everyone..catch the wave. Here comes Spongebob Squarepants and a few of his underwater pals! They're having a wonderfully waterful time, soaking up the SON, God's SON. that is! The Lutheran School Association's Partner's in Education group is proud to bring you this fun and inspirational float. You don't have to be a child to enjoy this whimisical group of underwater sea creatures who wish to announce that Jesus, God's Son, wants you all to "Soak up" His love, His blessings, and His salvation! As you notice the dazzling cross rotating behind our frolicking friends, remember that no matter where you are, the cross faces each of us. Let this be a fun and faith filled reminder to us all...so soak it up!!
Sep 6 2003
11:01:49 am
Lutheran School Association
Blue Ribbon

Jesus is the Light
This float, entered by Trinity Lutheran Church, proclaims that JESUS IS THE LIGHT.

As we journey through life, storms may cause us to lose our way, but Jesus, our "light" is an ever present beacon that seeks us when we are lost, and guides us back to His loving arms. Jesus describes himself as the "Light of the World" as it is recorded in John's gospel:

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of lift."

When we encounter storms in our lives we can be assured that Jesus will be there, lighting our way through His Word, for it is written, "Your Word is a Lamp to my feet and a Light for my path".

Jesus is our faithful light. He will always be there to guide us through our darkest storms, for He has promised, "Lo I am with you alway, even to the end of the age".

Sep 6 2003
11:01:19 am
Trinity Lutheran Church
Blue Ribbon

Senior Class Float
Reaching the top, looking towards graduation is the destination of the class of 2004. Through years of studying from textbooks, countless hours of reading and writing, and day after day with teachers, the senior class can visualize graduation.

Building this float was the first of the last things the class of 2004 will do together. There were many hours of loyal class members and their relatives and of course, lots of laughter, put into the float.

The class appreciates the community for its support, their parents and relatives for always being there, and the teachers who prepared them for: DESTINATION GRADUATION!!!

Sep 4 2003
6:31:59 pm
Cole Camp High Seniors 2004
Blue Ribbon

Farmers Mutual Insurance of Cole Camp
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Cole Camp welcomes you to the fair. The merry-go-round has been an icon of the fair for many years. Likewise, our company has been proud to serve the Cole Camp and surrounding communities since 1878. As you watch the lights and sparkle of the merry-go-round, reflect on how our town also sparkles with pride and community spirit. It's these same small town ethics that have taken Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Cole Camp from its humble beginnings to the thriving company we are today. As we celebrate 125 years of hometown service, we hope everyone here will join us in having "Fun at the Fair".

Special thanks to Scott Gerken for the towing vehicle.

Sep 6 2003
11:08:54 am
Farmer's Mutual Insurance
Red Ribbon

Granny's Attic
What a better destination for fun could three young cousins find than Granny's Attic?

The soft light of a single bulb adds to the excitement as the old trunk is opened and its countless treasures from the past are revealed.

For these youngsters with vivid imaginations, the time-worn baseball uniforms, bonnets and dresses, army canteens, and fireman's gear along with numerous toys, provide hours of adventure and entertainment.

Dylana, Zachary and Unser encourage each of you to find all of the fun that awaits you in your Granny's Attic.

Sep 5 2003
7:43:50 pm
Fox Family - Grany's Attic
Blue Ribbon

Benton County Pathfinders 4-H Club
From Daniel Boone and Mark Twain to present day, the pathfinders are Makin R Own Path in 4-H. Projects range from cooking and sewing, to caring for animals just like the pioneers did long ago.

4-H is a National Organization for youth in it's 102th year. There are clubs throughout Benton County such as the Pathfinders which was started in August of this year. The club meets the 3rd Thursday of the month in the basement of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Cole Camp at 7:30 pm. Whether you live in town or on a farm, 4-H has something for you.

The Benton County Pathfinders would like to share a thought with you concerning the organization...

Adults and kids who share a dream, built a legacy with the color green, helping youth to help themselves, by using their head, heart hands and health.
Sep 4 2003
6:28:59 pm
Pathfinders 4-H Club
White Ribbon

Additional entries that also appeared in the parades.
Sep 4 2003
8:28:25 pm
St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
Sep 5 2003
8:04:32 pm
Lamplighter's 4-H Club
Sep 4 2003
6:43:30 pm
FFA Chapter
Sep 4 2003
8:27:16 pm
Steam & Antique Tractor Club

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