2003 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 4,5 & 6, 2003

Destination: Fun in 2003

The announcement of the Future King and Future Queen along with the announcement of the 2003 Cole Camp Fair Queen was made at the start of the Grand Parade on Thursday evening. The pictures on this page are from that portion of the parade.

Megan Jasper was selected as the 2003 Cole Camp Fair Queen, Adisen Harms and Hanna Westermier were selected as the Future King and Queen.

A sampling of these pictures appear here, for more pictures of the Queen, the Future King and the Future Queen, click on the King and Queens.

Click on any picture to get a full size image of that photo.

Sep 4 2003
7:40:59 pm
2002 Future King and Queen
Sep 4 2003
7:47:08 pm
Adisen Harms, Future King
Sep 4 2003
7:48:45 pm
Hanna Westermier, Future Queen
Sep 4 2003
7:49:22 pm
2003 Future King and Queen
Sep 4 2003
7:53:34 pm
2002 Cole Camp Fair Queen
Sep 4 2003
7:57:19 pm
Megan Jasper, 2003 Fair Queen

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