2004 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 9,10 & 11, 2004

A Timeless Tradition

Where the tractors are shown on Thursday, the cars are shown on Saturday. Then on Saturday evening, they are driven through the parade for all to enjoy and what a sight! Many of these are fully restored with a low number of actual miles on them, and also some are single owner automobiles. There also are others that have been modified a little or a lot. I don't know the count of the number of cars and trucks that were entered in the show, but I took pictures of over 60 of them before it got too dark to get good pictures of them all.

A sampling of these pictures appear here, for more pictures of the tractors click on car and truck show.

Click on any picture to get a full size image of that photo.

Sep 11 2004
6:10:05 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:11:03 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:11:19 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:12:04 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:14:16 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:18:58 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:20:33 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:23:45 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:26:58 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:32:56 pm
Sep 11 2004
6:37:01 pm

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