2004 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 9,10 & 11, 2004

A Timeless Tradition

This show is one that is fun to watch if you like dogs. It also can be quite noisy, as the hounds are usually very vocal when around other animals. In case anyone wonders, the racoon that is used for the show is a pet and well cared for. Often the younger hounds are scared of this animal, but the older ones seem to have it in their blood to hunt them.

A sampling of these pictures appear here, for more pictures of the dogs click on dog show.

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Sep 11 2004
8:20:49 am
Sep 11 2004
8:27:33 am
Sep 11 2004
8:27:58 am
Sep 11 2004
8:34:24 am
Sep 11 2004
8:41:50 am
Sep 11 2004
8:51:12 am

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