2004 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 9,10 & 11, 2004

A Timeless Tradition

The exhibits at the fair are something to see. There are farm produce, flowers, paintings, art of various forms, cooking, collections, and a lot of entries - all to be judged and then determined which entries deserve a blue, red, white or purple ribbon. As you can see from the photos, there were quite a few blue ribbons again this year. Many of the exhibits are from kids in the area - so this year, I included just two of them. Congradulations to all of the prize winners - actually to all of the entries, as they also took work to get ready for the fair.

A sampling of these pictures appear here, for more pictures of the exhibits click on fair exhibits.

Click on any picture to get a full size image of that photo.

Sep 9 2004
4:23:31 pm
Sep 9 2004
4:24:26 pm
Sep 10 2004
9:21:48 am
Sep 10 2004
9:22:23 am
Sep 10 2004
9:24:31 am
Sep 10 2004
1:43:21 pm
Sep 10 2004
1:45:52 pm
Sep 10 2004
1:48:37 pm
Sep 12 2004
4:36:12 pm

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