2004 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 9,10 & 11, 2004

A Timeless Tradition

The various floats that were shown during the 2004 fair were spectacular again this year. It takes thousands of hours to make each of these floats, with work on them starting months in advance. The theme of "A Timeless Tradition" was followed in various ways by all of the entries. There were 5 blue ribbon winners and the Grand Prize winner went to the entry by Mt. Hulda Lutheran Church - "Christ-centered Traditions".

The Grand Marshal of the parade this year was Eldon Harms, a local business man that has been involved in many different organizations of the community. Congradulations Eldon!

A sampling of these pictures appear here, for more pictures of the floats click on the float parade.

Click on any picture to get a full size image of that photo.

Sep 10 2004
6:04:34 pm
Sep 11 2004
9:27:37 am
Sep 11 2004
9:20:30 am
Sep 11 2004
9:21:41 am
Sep 11 2004
9:23:14 am
Sep 9 2004
7:16:51 pm
Sep 11 2004
9:29:15 am
Sep 11 2004
9:30:16 am
Sep 11 2004
9:05:49 am

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