2005 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 8,9 & 10, 2005

Coming Home

These are the few pictures I took of the exhibits this year. Not that there were fewer than normal, I just didn't get more pictures this year. Joe Kabler also was very proud of being Grand Marshall and having the "Best of Show" with his flowers. Nice going, Joe! Click on any image to obtain a full size picture.
D9085100.jpg D9085101.jpg
D9085102.jpg D9085103.jpg
D9085104.jpg D9085105.jpg
D9085106.jpg D9085107.jpg
D9085108.jpg D9085109.jpg
D9085110.jpg D9085111.jpg
D9085112.jpg D9085113.jpg
D9085114.jpg D9085115.jpg