2005 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 8,9 & 10, 2005

Coming Home

The first part of the Saturday morning parade is for the young people entries. There are several categories, each of which is judged by itself. These are the pictures from this year's kiddie parade. Click on any image to obtain a full size picture.
D9105140.jpg D9105141.jpg
D9105142.jpg D9105143.jpg
D9105144.jpg D9105145.jpg
D9105146.jpg D9105147.jpg
D9105148.jpg D9105149.jpg
D9105150.jpg D9105151.jpg
D9105152.jpg D9105153.jpg
D9105154.jpg D9105155.jpg
D9105156.jpg D9105157.jpg
D9105158.jpg D9105159.jpg
D9105160.jpg D9105161.jpg