2005 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 8,9 & 10, 2005

Coming Home

Pictures on this page are those that just didn't fit in any of the other categories. They are mostly of the entertainment, and those in the evening are not very clear due to the lighting. The last ones are of the cancer fund hair donation hair cutting for Locks of Love. Hope you enjoy at least one of them! Click on any image to obtain a full size picture.
D9095013.jpg D9095014.jpg
D9095015.jpg D9095103.jpg
D9095104.jpg D9095105.jpg
D9095108.jpg D9095109.jpg
D9095110.jpg D9095113.jpg
D9095114.jpg D9095116.jpg
D9095118.jpg D9095119.jpg
D9095120.jpg D9095122.jpg
D9095123.jpg P9095500.jpg
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D9105220.jpg D9105221.jpg
D9105222.jpg D9105223.jpg
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D9105226.jpg D9105227.jpg
D9105228.jpg D9105299.jpg
D9105300.jpg D9105301.jpg