Plattdüscher Vereen of Cole Camp

Welcome and Announcement Speakers


The festivities had as the master of ceremonies, one of our local German enthusists, Bob Owens, keeping the festival moving and interesting. The initial welcome was given by the Plattdüscher President, Mildred Heimsoth. The local town mayor, R.E. Harris also welcomed all to our town. The President of the Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund, Mr. Tim Pecsnye welcomed two of the groups into their membership - that of the GAST and the Concordia German Chorus. Both groups performed during the festival and pictures can be found on another page.

Jun 21 2003
6:15:39 pm

Jun 21 2003
6:19:24 pm

Jun 21 2003
6:22:29 pm

Jun 21 2003
6:30:43 pm

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