2004 Maifest (May Festival)
May 1, 2004

The pictures of the 2nd annual Maifest in Cole Camp are presented on this page. There is a selection of several of the events on this page to allow you to get a feel of the Maifest and all its various events. The weather did not allow the the events to be held outdoors, so the crafts, games, May Pole winding, author book signing and art displays were all held in various buildings. The weather may also have held some of the attendance down, but there were still a lot of people and a lot of fun had by all.

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Winding the May Pole
10:07:47 am
Clowning Around
10:09:55 am
Kids Activities
10:10:41 am
Some of the Crafts
10:21:29 am
Bake Sales on the Street
10:24:57 am
FFA Flower Sales
10:27:13 am
Art Exhibit
10:32:04 am
German May Pole
10:41:18 am
Author Book Signing
10:44:15 am
12:16:02 pm

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