Arlene Schlesselman and Leonard Brauer, Martha Brauer - Assistant
Maggie McDermott
Sound and Lighting:
Eric Kuhlman (Sound) and Andrew Cope (Lighting)
Master of Ceremonies:
Leonard Brauer
Welcome by President of Plattdütscher Vereen of Cole Camp:
Mildred Heimsoth
Set Design and Construction:
Arlene Schlesselman (Design), Milton Von Holten - Chairman, Roland Oelrichs, Jack Stevenson, Leon Stelling and Henry Vogler
Audio Assistants:
Jane Janzen - Chairman, Janice Gerken and Rosalie Jagels
Elaine Miesner, Raelene Bain and Carlene Heimsoth
Larry Balke and Roy Ehlers
Patricia Beckman
Box Office:
Elsie Harms - Chairman, Carol Williams, Dianne Stelling, Fern Oelrichs, Inge Malsey and Olga Borchers
Promotional Items:
Dot Vogler - Chairman, Patricia Beckman and Carol Williams
Chair Committee:
Edgar Gerken - Chairman, Vernon Stelling, Larry Balke, Jack Stevenson, Henry Vogler, Glenn Miesner, Vern Bohling and Jason Veale
Jim Cash, Leon Stelling, Irene Brandt, Henry Vogler, Lambert Heimsoth, Eldon Harms, Milton Heimsoth, Glenn Smith and J.D. Williams
Otto Mueller - Chairman, Lambert Heimsoth, Milton Heimsoth, Neil Heimsoth, Bob Owens, Ruth Kersey, Lora Stearman, Helen Lumpe, Laura Mueller and Lawrence Balke
Stage Crew:
Roland Oelrichs - Chairman, Milton Von Holten, Leon Stelling, Jo Gerken, Heinz Adolph and Alice Smith
Skit 1: Koppweh (Headache)
Friend, Walter is plagued by headaches.  His friend, Herman, has an interesting "cure" and Walter is more then willing to try it!
Raymond Schlesselman and Walter Janzen
Skit 2: De Weer Prophete (The Weatherman)
John is concerned about obeying the weatherman's snow-clearing instructions as to the parking of his car on the correct side of the street.  His wife, Maggie, has the perfect solution.
Marcus Harms, Lenore (Gerken) Harms (and Leonard Brauer over radio)
Skit 3: De Klooke Dokter (The Smart Doctor)
A mother is very concerned about her son's seemingly lack of taste concerning food and girls.  Deciding to take him to the doctor, she then is flabbergasted by the doctor's cure.
Roy Ehlers, Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen, Alice (Brockman) Balke, and Glenn Miesner
Skit 4: De Büx (The Pants)
A problem arises when the iron burns a hole in her husband's Sunday pants.  Solving this problem makes for a bigger problem.
Elaine (Borchers) Miesner and Reno Heimsoth
Skit 5: Nehm Mol'n Sluck (Take a Drink)
A Missouri hillbilly makes his "recipe", which is so bad, he has to resort to a threat in order to drink it himself.  (photo missing on this "threat")
Wayne Balke and Vernon Stelling
Skit 6: Een Goode Fründ (The Good Friend)
The "good friend" is visiting the wife while the husband is on a business trip.  The husband returns unexpectedly only to find a delicate situation and begins to think over the role of the "good friend".
Heinz Adolph, Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph, Raymond Schlesselman and Eugene Beckman
Skit 7: Dat Pusten Hölpt (The Blowing Helps)
The wife returns from a shopping trip and is devastated because the hail storm has damaged her beautiful car.  Her husband suggests calling the town mechanic for his suggestion, which contains a lot of "hot air".
Walter Janzen, Shirley (Gerken) Cash (and Leonard Brauer on phone)
Skit 8: Wokeen Ist Dat Kind Ahnlich? (Who Does the Baby Look Like?)
The grandparents are so excited to visit their new grandson and wonder who he looks like.  A nosy neighbor settles their question which leads to the grandparents' puzzlement and the mother's embarrassment.
Hilmer Hobein, Florine (Oelrichs) Hobein, Marilyn (Jagels) Heimsoth, and Vernon Stelling
Skit 9: De Passt Nich (They Don't Fit)
An old man has a serious problem with his feet and seeks out the doctor for help.  He seems to misunderstand the good doctors instructions.
Ethelene Jagels, Marcus Harms and Lenore (Gerken) Harms
Skit 10: Gooden Butterkooken (The Tasty Coffee Cakes)
A conscientious wife is concerned about her husband's health when talking to her neighbor.  She prepares for the inevitable and ends up chastising her husband for his passion for his favorite food.
Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth, Elaine (Borchers) Miesner and Glenn Miesner
Skit 11: Nehm Mol'n Sluck (Take a Drink)
We find our Missouri hillbilly still having trouble getting the "stuff" down.  He meets another stranger who reacts differently.
Leonard Bockelman and Wayne Balke
Skit 12: De Ole Rote Hohn (The Old Red Rooster)
The wife is concerned for the old red rooster.  Her idea saves the rooster, but the rooster doesn't necessarily find the idea workable.
Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph, Roy Ehlers and Heinz Adolph
The Gemischter Chor -Members:
Jeannette Von Holten - Director, Alice Balke, Patricia Beckman, Olga Borchers, Shirley Cash, Alicia Cole, Fern Faaborg, Sharon Foraker, Janice Gerken Josephine Gerken, Evelyn Goosen, Elsie Harms, Heinz Adolph, Eugene Beckman, Curt Dieckman, Curtis Harms, Eldon Harms, Marcus Harms, Randy Harms, Josh Heimsoth, Neil Heimsoth - Manager, Derek Hoehns, Harlan Kaden, Tim Knoernschild, Dale Logan, Lenore Harms, Carlene Heimsoth, Donna Mae Heimsoth, Marilyn Heimsoth, Mildred Heimsoth, Ruth Kersey, Arleen Miesner, Elaine Miesner, Esther Schlesselman, Vonda Veale, Roxy Viebrock, Carol Williams, Glen Miesner, Justin Meyer, Jonathan Petersen, Stewart Petersen, Steve Pritzel, Leon Stelling, Vernon Stelling, Jack Stevenson, Jason Veale, Bill Viebrock, Milton Von Holten, and Jim Wilshusen
The Kinderchor - Members:
Amy Yoder - Director, Neil Heimsoth - Manager, Jordan Alpers, Austin Beckman, Angie Chamberlin, Bethany Cole, Noah Kelly, Tray Lange, Taron Luetjen, Amber Oelrichs, Janelle Oelrichs, Michelle Oelrichs, Andrea Petersen, Shelby Prisendorf, Sara Schlesselman, Tyler Schesselman, Christiana Simon, Nathaniel Veale, Nicholas Veale, Ross Viets, Audra Warden, Andrew Westermier, and Steven Westermier
Story Tellers:
Mildred Heimsoth, Leonard Brauer, Reinhart Brandt
American Songs in Low German:
Gene Beckman (Guitar) and Neil Heimsoth (spoons)
Opening and Between Skit Music:
Jeannette Von Holten
Door Prize Winners (Sunday Performance):
Wilfred Kiaser
Mary Ann Steffens

Picture Content (Left to Right, Picture identified by Picture Time):

3:01:49 - Leonard Brauer
3:10:00 - Gemischter Chor
3:19:02 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
3:20:30 - Jeannette (Eickhoff) VonHolten
3:20:46 - Raymond Schlesselman
                    Walter Janzen (born in Germany)
3:22:44 - Raymond Schlesselman
                   Walter Janzen
3:27:15 - Amy Yoder (Director of Kinderchor)
3:28:01 - Kinderchor
3:30:13 - Marcus and Lenore (Gerken) Harms
3:31:00 - Marcus and Lenore (Gerken) Harms
3:33:24 - Marcus and Lenore (Gerken) Harms
3:35:26 - Reinhart Brandt
3:40:00 - Roy Ehlers (from Stover, MO.)
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
                   Alice (Brockman) Balke
                   Glenn Miesner
3:46:19 - Roy Ehlers
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
                   Alice (Brockman) Balke
3:47:45 - Roy Ehlers
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
                   Glenn Miesner
3:50:05 - Glenn Miesner
                   Roy Ehlers
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
3:52:16 - Neil Heimsoth
                   Eugene Beckman
3:53:25 - Neil Heimsoth
                   Eugene Beckman
4:00:10 - Elaine (Borchers) Miesner
4:02:38 - Elaine (Borchers) Miesner
4:03:08 - Reno Heimsoth
                   Elaine (Borchers) Miesner
4:06:32 - Wayne Balke
                   Vernon Stelling
4:06:54 - Wayne Balke
                   Vernon Stelling
4:08:12 - Raymond Schlesselman
                   Heinz Adolph
4:09:49 - Heinz Adolph
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
                   Eugene Beckman
4:10:32 - Heinz Adolph
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
                   Raymond Schlesselman
                   Eugene Beckman
4:12:25 - Leonard Brauer
4:13:28 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
4:40:08 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Leonard Brauer
                   Wilfred Kaiser (Winner of Door Prize)
4:40:41 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Mary Ann Steffens - Winner of Door Prize
4:41:18 - Walter Janzen
                   Shirley (Gerken) Cash
4:41:37 - Walter Janzen
                   Shirley (Gerken) Cash
4:44:20 - Shirley (Gerken) Cash
4:44:33 - Shirley (Gerken) Cash
4:54:06 - Hilmer Hobein
                   Florine (Oelrichs) Hobein
                   Marilyn (Jagels) Heimsoth
4:54:46 - Marilyn (Jagels) Heimsoth
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
4:56:21 - Vernon Stelling
                   Marilyn (Jagels) Heimsoth
4:57:02 - Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
                   Hilmer Hobein
5:07:18 - Marcus Harms
                   Ethelene Jagels
5:08:07 - Ethelene Jagels
                   Marcus Harms
5:13:11 - Raymond Schlesselman
                   Reinhart Brandt
5:18:14 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Elaine (Borchers) Miesner
5:20:56 - Glenn Miesner
5:21:24 - Glenn Miesner
5:22:42 - Leonard Bockelman
                   Wayne Balke
5:22:53 - Leonard Bockelman
                   Wayne Balke
5:26:58 - Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
5:27:53 - Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
5:28:45 - Roy Ehlers
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
5:30:24 - Roy Ehlers
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
5:31:28 - Roy Ehlers
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
5:32:39 - Heinz Adolph
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph

5:35:08 - Raymond Schlesselman
                   Walter Janzen
5:35:17 - Leonard Brauer
                   Lenore (Gerken) Harms
                   Marcus Harms
5:35:29 - Roy Ehlers
                   Glenn Miesner
                   Alice (Brockman) Balke
                   Evelyn (VonHolten) Goosen
5:35:39 - Reno Heimsoth
                   Elaine (Borchers) Miesner
5:35:49 - Vernon Stelling
                   Wayne Balke
5:36:01 - Eugene Beckman
                   Heinz Adolph
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
                   Raymond Schlesselman
5:36:11 - Shirley (Gerken) Cash
                   Walter Janzen
5:36:24 - Vernon Stelling
                   Hilmer Hobein
                   Florine (Oelrichs) Hobein
                   Marilyn (Jagels) Heimsoth
5:36:34 - Ethelene Jagels
                   Lenore (Gerken) Harms
                   Marcus Harms
5:36:45 - Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Elaine (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Glenn Miesner
5:36:57 - Leonard Bockelman
                   Wayne Balke
5:37:07 - Roy Ehlers
                   Mary Ann (Lange) Adolph
                   Heinz Adolph
5:37:25 - Reinhart Brandt
                   Mildred (Borchers) Heimsoth
                   Leonard Brauer
5:37:38 - Neil Heimsoth
                   Eugene Beckman

5:38:20 - Janice (Balke) Gerken
                   Rosalie Jagels
                   Jane ( ? ) Janzen
                   Josephine Gerken
                   Leon Stelling
                   Milton VonHolten
                   Heinz Adolph
5:38:39 - Arlene Schlesselman
                   Leonard Brauer
5:39:11 - Arlene Schlesselman