Arlene Schlesselman and Leonard Brauer, Elaine Miesner - Assistant
Maggie McDermott
Sound and Lighting:
Doyle Richter (Sound), Jamie Wolfe (Video) and Walter Janzen (Lighting)
Master of Ceremonies:
Leonard Brauer
Welcome by President of Plattdütscher Vereen of Cole Camp:
Mildred Heimsoth
Set Design:
Roland Oelrichs, Jack Stevenson, Arlene Schlesselman
Set Construction:
Roland Oelrichs, Jack Stevenson, Leon Stelling, Henry Vogler, Milton VonHolten
Stage Crew:
Roland Oelrichs, Milton VonHolten - Chairman, Leon Stelling, Josephine Gerken, Heinz Adolph
Audio Assistants:
Jane Janzen - Chairman, Janice Gerken, Carol Williams, Rosalie Jagels
Elaine Miesner, Raelene Bain, Arlene Schlesselman, Carlene Heimsoth
Roy Ehlers, Bob Owens, Marilyn Heimsoth, Arlene Schlesselman
Patricia Beckman
Box Office:
Patricia Beckman - Chairman, Della Mae Grabau, Fern Oelrichs, Annelie Homm, Elsie Harms, Olga Borchers
Promotional Items:
Dot Vogler - Chairman, Elsie Harms, Jessie Stevenson, Judy Miller, Inge Malsy
Inge Malsy, Robert Owens
Chair Committee:
Edgar Gerken, Jack Stevenson - Co-Chairman, Larry Balke, Vernon Stelling, Paul Miller, Lawrence Balke
Jim Cash, Henry Vogler - Co-Chairman, Larry Balke, Delores Pitts, Irene Brandt, Lambert Heimsoth, Milton Heimsoth, Carlene Heimsoth, Ralph Britz, Reinhart Brandt
Frederick Grabau - Chairman, James Gertz, Wilma Gertz, Lambert Heimsoth, Heinz Adolph, Mary Ann Adolph, Otto Mueller, Laura Mueller, Helen Lumpe, Members of the Plattdütscher Vereen
Reception Committee:
Mildred Heimsoth - President, Neil and Marilyn Heimsoth, Leon and Dianne Stelling, Robert Owens, Arlene Schlesselman
Skit 1: Noch 'N Schluck (One More Drink)
A husband seems to have a problem and tries to solve it at the bar.  Perhaps the answer lies in the bottom of a glass.
Raymond Schlesselman and Walter Janzen
Skit 2: Schlechte Dag (Bad Day)
A guy down on his luck has a remedy for all his problems.  Someone interferes.
Evelyn Goosen, Roy Ehlers, and Glenn Miesner
Skit 3: Auf Wiedersehn Mutter (Good Bye, Mother)
The "sly" shopper spies a victim.  She works her scam successfully.
Evelyn Goosen, Elaine Miesner and Heinz Adolph
Skit 4: De Karken Choir (The Church Choir)
The church choir has a problem with one member and seeks the help from the pastor.
Lenore Harms, Fern Faaborg, Mildred Heimsoth, Elaine Miesner, Marilyn Heimsoth, Marcus Harms, Leonard Bockelman, Vernon Stelling, Glenn Miesner
Skit 5: Nee'n Auto (New Car)
The owner of a new car is "trying it out". He must think fast when confronted by a patrolman.
Raymond Schlesselman and Vernon Stelling
Skit 6: Blonde Passagier (Blonde Passenger)
A snobbish passenger insists on a better seat.  A crew member puts her in her "place".
Shirley Cash, Marilyn Heimsoth, Walter Janzen and Wilfred Kaiser
Skit 7: Auto Umfall (Auto Accident)
Two seemingly "compassionate" drivers are involved in a wreck.
Mildred Heimsoth and Reno Heimsoth
Skit 8: Ammelvoll Beer (Bucket of Beer)
The bartender offers a challenge.  A customer thinks he has a sure-fire plan for success.
Elaine Miesner, Heinz Adolph, Fred Oelrichs, Raymond Schlesselman and Walter Janzen
Skit 9: Seep un Woter (Soap and Water)
A housewife is preparing a meal for the pastor's first visit.  She finds soap and water indeed the cleaning method for her dirty dishes.
Mary Ann Adolph and Roy Ehlers
Skit 10: Goode Idee Falsch Gohn (Good Idea Gone Wrong)
A mother of six seeks advice from her pastor.  One should always follow instructions.
Ethelene Jagels and Glenn Miesner
Story Tellers:
Mildred Heimsoth, Leonard Brauer, Reinhart Brandt and Mary Ann Adolph
The Gemischter Chor -Members:
Jeannette Von Holten - Director, Alice Balke, Raelene Bain, Patricia Beckman, Olga Borchers, Alicia Cole, Fern Faaborg, Sharon Foraker, Janice Gerken, Josephine Gerken, Evelyn Goosen, Elsie Harms, Eugene Beckman, Curt Dieckman, Eldon Harms, Marcus Harms, Randy Harms, Neil Heimsoth, Heinz Adolph, Derek Hoehns, Tim Knoernschild, Lenore Harms, Carlene Heimsoth, Marilyn Heimsoth, Mildred Heimsoth, Arleen Miesner, Elaine Miesner, Esther Schlesselman, Sandra Schlesselman, Vonda Veale, Rozy Viebrock, Carol Williams, Glenn Miesner, Justin Meyer, Jonathan Petersen, Steve Pritzel, Leon Stelling, Vernon Stelling, Jack Stevenson, Jason Veale, Bill Viebrock, Milton VonHolten, Jim Wilshusen and George Wimmer
The Kinderchor - Members:
Susan Prisendorf - Accompanist/Director, Neil Heimsoth - Manager, Jordan Alpers, Bethany Cole, Chad Harms, Hoah Kelly, Tray Lange, Taron Luetjen, Kelly Kullman, Andrew Lutz, Steven Lutz, Amber Oelrichs, Andrea Petersen, Shelby Prisendorf, Cole Schlesselman, Tyler Schesselman, Abby Veale, Nathaniel Veale, Ross Viets and Audra Warden
American Songs in Low German:
Gene Beckman (Guitar) and Neil Heimsoth (spoons)
Opening and Between Skit Music:
Jeannette Von Holten
Pictures taken by Art Heimsoth