Plattdütsches Theoter
(Low German Theatre)

Performed entirely in Low German by local residents.
Saturday and Sunday, October 11-12, 2003

Sponsored by the Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp
(Inquiries: Rt 2, Box 259, Cole Camp, MO 65325)

The pictures that are on these pages are of the 14th unique production of the Plattdütsches Theoter.  The purpose is to promote the Low German language and the local German heritage.

Cole Camp, Missouri, the origin of a contemporary Low German Theater, presents this production performed entirely in Low German by local residents.

As we put forth our best efforts in our preparatory work, we also in our own way honor our ancestors. Their brave efforts in coming to an unknown country with dreams and high hopes for a better life was realized through their inherited work ethic. They brought their history, their language, their faith, and their culture for which we are indeed grateful.

It is with pride and a deep sense of gratitude that we dedicate the theater to the Gemischterchor and the Kinderchor. Their dedication to the many hours of rehearsals is truly exemplary. They, the director, manager and accompanist receive our deepest thanks. We are very proud of them and appreciate all their efforts.

We say "Willkommen" to all our visitors from many different states. We appreciate your being here to help us celebrate this Plattdütscher Thoeter. Also to our many patrons locally who come to share this time with us. Danke for your faithfulness. We also pay tribute to the Missouri Arts Council for their generous grant.

Producers - Arlene Schlesselman and Leonard Brauer
Director - Maggie McDermott
Video - All Occasion Video
Audio - Doyle Richter
Lighting - Walter Janzen
Pianist - Jeanette Von Holten

Scriptwriters and Translators:
Olga Borchers, Mildred Heimsoth, Evelyn Goosen and Arlene Schlesselman.

Set Construction:
Milton Von Holten, Jack Stevenson, Walter Jenzen, Leon Stelling and Vernon Stelling.

Stage Crew:
Leon Stelling, Jack Stevenson, Milton Von Holten, Janice Gerken and Arlene Schlesselman.

Audio Assistants:
Jane Jenzen - Chairman, Rosalie Jagels and Lenore Harms.

Elaine Miesner, Raelene Bain and Alice Balke.

Advertising & Ticket Sales:
Arlene Schlesselman.

Box Office:
Igne Malsey - Chairman, Elsie Harms, Alice Balke, Diane Stelling and Marge Gerken.

Promotional Items:
Della Mae Grabau - Chairman, Jessie Stevenson, Irene Brandt, Patricia Beckman and Josephine Gerken.

Ticket Takers:
Glenn Smith, Alice Smith and Fern Oelrichs.

Frederick Grabau - Chairman, Eldon Harms, Marcus Harms, Robert Owens, Lambert Heimsoth, Reno Heimsoth, Otto Mueller, Laura Mueller, Reinhart Brandt, Irene Brandt, Hilmer Hobein and Florine Hobein.

Henry Vogler and Ralph Britz - Co-Chairman, Milton Heimsoth, Carlene Heimsoth, Robert Owens, Marcus Harms and Marge Von DerHeide.

Snack Stand:
Donna Mae Heimsoth - Chairman, Marge Gerken, Carlene Heimsoth, Ruth Bockelman, LaVerne Mills, Maudeline Britz, Don Donath and Edith Donath.

Chair Committee:
Edgar Gerken - Chairman, Jack Stevenson, Vernon Stelling, Larry Balke, Milton Heimsoth and Lawrence Balke.

Tutoring: Lenore Harms and Elaine Miesner.

Special Thanks To:
Benton R-1 School - Use of Gymnasium
Telephone Calling - Laura Mueller
Ticket Sales - Cash's Thriftway and Heimsoth Insurance - Stover
Promotional Items - Cole Camp Courier.
Use of Room - Katie Johnson

The following photos were taken during the last rehearsal and during the Sunday afternoon performance. If interested, professional videos may be obtained in either VHS format ($30) or in PAL format ($35 plus shipping) by contacting the Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp, PO Box 428, Cole Camp, MO 65325.

Click on a picture to get a larger view of that picture, or on the title under the picture to get more pictures of that skit or group.


The Gemischterchor
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The Kinderchor
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De Dree Wünschen (The Three Wishes)
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De Mann Ist Stolz (A Man's Pride)
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De Traurige Mann (The Grieving Man)
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Gemischted Gedanken (Mixed Up Thoughts)
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As Dat Een Tiet Wan Ist (The Way it Was)
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De Wunnerbor Johren (The Wonderful Years)
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De Goote Broot Sup (The Good Bread Soup)
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Söss Monat to Leben (Six Months to Live)
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Dat Beste Nadisch (The Best Dessert)
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Een Groden Gloven (A Great Faith)
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Other photos and Between the Acts Entertainment
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Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

Pictures taken by Art Heimsoth
Copyright © 2003 - Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp - All rights reserved
No reproduction of pictures or material allowed without prior permission from
the Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp.
Inquires: PO Box 428, Cole Camp, MO 65325
Professional videos of this production are available for $30 ($35 in PAL format, plus actual shipping costs).