2003 Cole Camp Fair
SEPTEMBER 4,5 & 6, 2003

Destination: Fun in 2003

The 2003 Cole Camp Fair Queen contest was held on Sunday evening, August 3 in the L.C. Schnell Auditorium. The ladies that entered this contest are:

Each of these ladies competed in multiple contests with points awarded for each contest. The contests were:

All of the ladies were excellent and all were winners; however, three of the contestants were choosen to represent Cole Camp at the fair as the 2003 Cole Camp Queen and her two attendants.

Selected from the entries for the Queen and her two attendents are:

  • Miss Sandra Lynneil Essley
  • Miss Megan Jenelle Jasper
  • Miss Felicia Nine

The 2003 Cole Camp Fair Queen will be announced and crowned just before the Grand Parade on Thursday evening.

The following are pictures that were taken during the judging contests for the fair queen:

The 2002 Future Queen, Kimberlyn Holman, patiently waits for her role in the program, while the Prairie Jaycees President, Kristy Campbell, welcomes everyone and introduces William Smart as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.
D8033001.jpg 7:34:00 pm
D8033026.jpg 8:23:53 pm
D8033002.jpg 7:38:58 pm
D8033003.jpg 7:39:18 pm

Each of the contestants introduce themselves to the audience.

D8033005.jpg 7:42:33 pm
D8033007.jpg 7:43:48 pm
D8033009.jpg 7:44:31 pm
D8033010.jpg 7:45:19 pm
7:45:50 pm

The contestants were required to answer one question they selected from a box. Their answers were all good.

D8033014.jpg 7:48:41 pm
D8033015.jpg 7:50:13 pm
D8033016.jpg 7:51:32 pm
D8033017.jpg 7:53:27 pm
7:54:26 pm

Miss Aubrey Ehrichs, the 2002 Cole Camp Fair Queen, performed her vocal entry to be used as her talent entry for the 2003 Missouri State Fair competition.

7:57:02 pm

Each contestant performed their selected talent.

D8033021.jpg 8:06:10 pm
American Lullaby (Vocal)
D8033022.jpg 8:08:29 pm
She's Like the Swallow (Vocal)
D8033023.jpg 8:11:52 pm
Homeward Bound (Vocal)
D8033024.jpg 8:16:16 pm
French Toast (Humorus Adaptation)
D8033025.jpg 8:23:39 pm
It's Raining Men (Dance)
D8033027.jpg 8:24:28 pm
Technical Difficulity!!
D8033028.jpg 8:29:12 pm
Part of the Dance
D8033029.jpg 8:29:33 pm
More of the Dance

Cole Camp Fair Board President, Ron Neuman, welcomes everyone to the Cole Camp Fair, emphasizing the theme of Destination: Fun in 2003

8:34:05 pm

The ladies dressed out in their evening gowns

D8033031.jpg 8:47:11 pm
D8033033.jpg 8:49:24 pm
D8033034.jpg 8:50:55 pm
D8033037.jpg 8:52:56 pm
8:54:43 pm

Each contestant is presented a rose by the 2002 Future Queen, Miss Kimberlyn Holman.

D8033041.jpg 8:57:13 pm
Now it's my turn!
D8033042.jpg 8:57:34 pm
Mindy Balke
D8033043.jpg 8:58:07 pm
Megan Randolph
D8033044.jpg 8:58:28 pm
Felicia Nine
D8033045.jpg 8:58:47 pm
Sandra Essley
D8033046.jpg 8:59:08 pm
Megan Jasper

The waiting for the judge's results can take awhile.. During this wait, Sarah Stone performed several vocal selections and then the 3 finalists were announced.

D8033048.jpg 8:59:39 pm
The five ladies waiting
D8033049.jpg 9:02:25 pm
Miss Sarah Stone
9:22:28 pm
The Three Finalists

For pictures of the Future King and Queen contest, also held August 3th at 1:30 p.m. at the L.C. Schnell Auditorium may be found by selecting here.