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The Plattdutscher Vereen of Cole Camp has sponsored the Sängerfest for the last decade.  It is an evening of entertainment with music expressing the German's deep and fervent love of God and homeland.  The local Cole Camp talent consists of a children's choir, a ladies choir, a men's choir and a combined mixed choir (Kinderchor, Damenchor, Männerchor and Gemischter Chor).  This festival is usually held the last weekend in July on a Saturday evening.  In addition to the local talent, there also are performances by individuals from other locations.
The men from the Plattdutscher Vereen have built a "Baum" that is decorated and raised for various events in Cole Camp. One of these events is the Sängerfest where the Maibaum was raised and this activity was filmed. The 2011 raising of this Maibaum can be viewed at this location.
If you are interested in German Music, these pages may be of interest to you.  There are German Choirs in Cole Camp that put on a concert in conjuction with German musicians from other areas.  There has been a concert each year for the past several years.  I have captured the last couple of years of this concert with photographs and have placed them here for your viewing.

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Photographs of the last festivals that have been held are available for viewing from the following links:

2001 Sängerfest
2002 Sängerfest
2003 Sängerfest
2004 Sängerfest
2005 Sängerfest
One of the groups that participated in the 2002 festival is the GAST singers and dancers from Tulsa.  The GAST singers also participated in the 2003 festival.  Please visit their web site for information on their group at http://www.gastulsa.org.
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