Plattdutscher Theoter (Low German Theater)
Plattdütscher Theoter
(Low German Theater)

The local German talent has been presenting a live theater in the Low German Language for over a decade in Cole Camp.  There are two shows with the same program - Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon - usually the 2nd weekend in October.  Each performance consists of several hilarious comedy skits written by local people and based on daily events (some with a little added twist).  Each skit is separated by some story telling, music or singing.  You need not be able to understand the language, but it certainly helps, as the entire program is performed in the Low German Language.

The last few years have been captured in pictures and are available here for your viewing.

2000 Plattdütscher Theoter - 11th Production
2001 Plattdütscher Theoter - 12th Production
2002 Plattdütscher Theoter - 13th Production
2003 Plattdütscher Theoter - 14th Production

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